Total Benefit Solutions launches new BEAM Health Benefits Exchange

Posted on Feb 20, 2014

2014-02-20_07-58-36With the Affordable Care Act, healthcare reform is upon us. Employers and their employees are wondering what impact it will have on them. For many, it’s a very complex landscape.

Total Benefits Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of our BEAM Health Benefits Exchange. BEAM will help brokers and employers easily navigate the changing world of employee benefits.

A group health benefits plan used to be a one-size-fits-all system, but not any longer. With BEAM, a customizable online portal, employees can go shopping for the health benefits they really want for themselves and their families including dental, vision, life, disability and more.

Employees can use BEAM to:

  • Review all the benefits available, and choose only what they want
  • Easily complete enrollments online
  • Access decision support tools for help with plan selection
  • Update personal information

With BEAM, employees can:

  • Easily administer employee benefits saving time and money
  • Allocate employee contributions using a defined contribution model, so employees know what their benefits cost each month
  • Send employees alerts and reminders
  • Run reports to analyze the cost effectiveness of your company benefits plan
  • Enhance employee satisfaction by putting benefits selection in their hands
  • Be more competitive when competing for new employees

Total Benefit Solutions will work with brokers and employers to make the most of your company’s benefits budget. Employers decide what their company will spend on benefits, and employees choose the type of coverage they want to spend it on.

With BEAM, we’re helping employers maximize their benefits budget, while providing the best health program that makes sense for their employees.

For more information, visit the BEAM website or contact John Henry at 1-800-514-4850.